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If you’re an expat in France, seriously consider joining a choir to meet the locals. If you already know how to read music, the rehearsals will be familiar and understandable even if your French is limited. Your French will also improve over time and you’ll meet lots of great musical people.

For expats in the Agen area, consider joining one of Françoise’s choirs: Expression d’Agen, Impulsion in Villeneuve-Sur-Lot or Quercycorum in Montaigu-de-Quercy. Françoise has had a lot of experience dealing with us silly foreigners and knows how to make things easy for us (such as emailing all important dates so we don’t miss anything). Plus, there are a surprising amount of English speakers in these choirs already (mostly from the UK, Australia and The Netherlands). We’ll help you out.

Contact Françoise for a low-stress audition and come join us.

If you’re really terrified of contacting people in French, use the form below in English and we’ll do some translating on your behalf.

Public Service Announcement: If you are a foreigner in Agen and need to improve your French, check out Syllabe for free French lessons.